Are Casino Bonuses Profitable Like Matched Betting?Are Casino Bonuses Profitable Like Matched Betting?

You must have heard of casino bonuses and how these are the new ways to lure players to casinos. With bonuses you can hope to receive big gains even without depositing your own money. But while these offers sound appealing on paper, are these as profitable as they claim to be?

Can bonuses in casinos be as lucrative as matched betting?

The truth is it is not possible to use casino bonuses for matched betting. In matched betting, you can accept bet for free from the bookmakers and then place these on a team. You are supposed to back the opponent with other bookies using the right odds so that you are sure to get back your free bet amount. But this cannot be done with casino bonuses because the premises are totally different. For instance, if you get a free bet on blackjack but you bet on roulette this cannot work. Because results of wheels can never be the same and you will probably end up losing both your bets as the house always has an advantage.

Even if you do win a casino bet for free, you must remember there will always be wagering requirements which you have to fulfill in order to take back winnings. Moreover, the bonus or deposit amount must have been wagered multiple times. This may make you think that casino bonuses are useless; that is not true. Online casinos offer bonuses in different forms, like free spins, no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, etc. While there may be underlying wagering requirements which make it hard for you to get back your winnings, there are ways to enjoy bonuses when you choose the best bitcoin casinos and apt games.

How to make profits through online casino bonuses:

  • To begin with, you must never underestimate the value of research before signing up on any casino website. You can read reviews on websites to get an insight into whether a brand is reputable and trustworthy enough or not. Here at beste online casino schweiz site, you can find various reputable casino sites that have a varied range of casino games. These will also tell you which bonuses you should claim to enjoy easy profits. For example, if you get a 100% match bonus on a site, it means you will get 100 pounds free for every 100 pounds you deposit. The extra amount will be sent to your account. To withdraw it however, you need to wager it 10x. In short, you must bet 1000 pounds to get access to the free 100 pounds. It may so happen that the slot on which you wager gives a payout of 95%. When you wager $1000 for instance, you should get back $950 as the house edge is 5%. This makes it profitable.
  • You may not make profits every time through a casino bonus offer. You need to understand which individual bonuses you have been given. For instance, when you are given 100 pounds free for a deposit of 100 pounds, you may realize that you need to wager this for 30x for 3000 pounds. Since the slot will give you 95% return, you will lose 5%. You end up losing about 150 pounds but make profit of 100 pound. The end result, therefore, is not profitable. So, it is advisable to hunt for deposit bonuses which have low-wagering requirement. Slots are a better option because they have higher payouts. So, you are likely to get profits in the long run.

It is important to consider the features, pros and cons of casino bonuses before jumping on them. Not all casino bonuses are as profitable as matched betting.